Welcome to PictureLink.net

Welcome to PictureLink.net, the online photo sharing tool for your sales team
With PictureLink you can store hundreds of photos of part exchange appraisals in one central location accessible by all members of your team. These can then be shared simply and quickly amongst you, your team and your contacts.

Photograph - Upload - Share
Once your photos are uploaded to our business grade cloud server they will be available to any member of your team at the click of a mouse. Share photos with colleagues, underwriters or customers by creating a PictureLink and email, text or tweet it. These images can be accessed using internet enabled device directly from the cloud without the risk of bouncing.

10 Reasons PictureLink rocks:

  1. Free account with 500MB of space to get you started immediately
  2. Permanent visual records of part exchange condition and service history
  3. Improve underwrites by removing ambiguity of colours, specification and condition
  4. Upload photos taken on any device through our website and soon directly via our app
  5. Share PictureLinks without risk of bouncing due to recipients inbox quotas
  6. Post PictureLinks on any trading network / website even Facebook, Twitter
  7. Business grade cloud photo servers available 24/7 for fast access of information
  8. Never lose an image again by leaving it on a salesperson’s phone or laptop
  9. Unlimited users across separate dealerhips in a group access a single shared space
  10. Simple low cost upgrade path to ensure you never pay under utilised resources

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The free account is fully functional allowing you to send unlimited PictureLinks and have as many users as you like. If you run out of space you can either delete unnecessary photos or add an extra 25GB from just £25 + VAT / month - enough for over 5,000 photos.

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